Nati Cabrera

Nati Cabrera

Associate professor of Educational Technology at the  Faculty of Psychology and Education Science at UOC, she is the Director of the Master in Quality Assurance in Higher Education and related quality assurance programs. PhD in Educational Sciences, University of Barcelona.

She worked in the education sector for 30 years, mostly at the university level (Pompeu Fabra University; University of Barcelona; UOC). At the UOC, she has developed different managerial roles such as Director of the Educational Methodology and Innovation Department (2005-07); Director of the EHEA Support Unit (2007-08); Director of the eLearn Center Office (2008_2009); Academic Coordinator of the UOC School for International Cooperation (2010-2012);. She has been Deputy Dean of  Teaching at the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences (from 2017 to 2021), during the pandemic.

She teaches courses about Quality Assurance in Education and about the use of ICT in Education from both organisational and methodological perspectives.

In the online-learning field, she has advised and trained several universities and institutions in Latin America and Spain.

Researcher and member of the Edul@b Research Group. Her fields of research focus on organisational and management models for e-learning, Leadership in education, Quality assurance, Competence-based assessment, self-regulated learning assessment strategies and e-assessment, mostly in Higher education.

She has participated in many research and innovation projects both nationally and internationally. Some of them: FLUENT (FLexible Universal Educational model for a New Hybrid); eFEEDSKILLS (technology-scaffolded regulatory skills in undergraduate students, using Chatbots and Learning Analytics); AMED (transforming university model to blended learning), CODUR (Creating an Online Dimensions for University Ranquings); ECO4LEARN (K-12 teachers learning ecologies); E-XCELLENCE Project. Creating a standard of excellence for e-learning.

She has actively participated in several external quality processes at the UOC, such as the EFQM, EUA and collaborates with several national and international quality agencies. She has advised many institutions on implementing online-learning systems (Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, Ecuador; CEIPA University, Colombia; the University of Quilmes, Argentina; Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain, among others).

She has been invited to many conferences in Europe and Latin America and published her research in conference proceedings, journal articles, books and book chapters.