Epica Initiative, una aliança estratègica entre Àfrica i Europa per fer més visibles les competències dels estudiants al mercat laboral

The need to improve the quality and visibility of the skills of recent graduates of African universities is the origin of the European project EPICA Initiative. The objective of this initiative is to provide visibility to the competences developed at university through an innovative and scalable eportfolio system that, in this case, is developed by the company MyDocumenta. Therefore, EPICA Initiative aims to reduce the gap between what skills and capabilities African graduates can provide to the job market and what employers will demand and markets will prize in the future. The methodology used involves the process of co-decision, adaptation, implementation and validation of a digital visual product in an innovative and scalable format that shows the competences developed throughout the university education.

The eportfolio is a digital learning dossier that shows a collection of evidence about a user’s professional and personal skills and knowledge, beyond a traditional curriculum. Evidence can be presented in textual, electronic or multimedia files, images, blog posts, links, etc. Thanks to their digital format, they can be updated easily and can be connected to other applications and social networks.

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