New methodology proposes to make employability skills visible of university graduates more visible

This week, the article “A micro-credentialing methodology for improved recognition of HE employability skills” has been published, which talks extensively about a methodology that allows to make more visible the employability skills that university graduates develop throughout their studies. Marcelo Fabián Maina, Lourdes Guàrdia Ortiz, Federica Mancini and Montserrat Martinez Melo are the four authors of the article, and all are members of Edulab.

This methodology intends to help graduates and employers, making the skills and preparation of graduates more visible, as well as helping employers to detect the potential of graduates, which sometimes cannot be detected with a simple CV. The proposed strategy consists in the use of a learning ePortfoli, built throughout the university studies, where the student collects evidence or samples of what he/she is learning, accompanied by reflections, milestones achieved, recognitions obtained, etc. The public part of this ePortfoli is made visible in the form of micro-credentials that make it possible to accredit knowledge, accompanied by evidence, which can be both academic and from the student’s professional and social world.

In short, the aim of this methodological proposal is to improve the employability of graduates, to make their skills more visible and to make the students themselves more aware of their abilities and potential, and to improve the confidence of the world of work in relation to university graduates.

You can read the article by clicking on the following link:

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A micro-credentialing methodology for improved recognition of HE employability skills

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