The group

Edul@b, research group in education and ICT, has been recognized in 2021 as a consolidated research group by the Generalitat of Catalonia (SGR 01111). Its research aims to investigate the uses and applications of ICT in order to change and improve educational practices. The group is linked to the Open University of Catalonia).

Edul@b’s research area is framed within teaching and educational organization fields, especially in the areas of educational technology and e-learning.

General aim of the group:

To investigate emerging educational scenarios as well as open, online, and flexible teaching and learning strategies with the aim of transforming and improving educational practice.  We study how institutions and organizations, teachers, and administrators face new and emerging scenarios, especially those mediated by new technologies as a way to anticipate the changes and improve proceses of teaching and learning.  We consider students as life-long and life-wide learners (from school through to retirement) as citizens and professionals.

Specific objectives:

Arising from the general research aim, our specific objectives are:

  • Propose strategies and actions that support teacher professional development in the use and application of ICT in the context of life-long learning.
  • Design methodologies and evaluation criteria  in online learning.
  • Facilitate and demonstrate evidence that may influence education policy in the use of ICT.
  • Promote networked collaboration that favours the production of networked knowledge.
  • Develop competency-based frameworks and strategies for blended and online teaching.
  • Concretize actions and strategies that help the development of digital competencies necessary for students, teachers and professionals in the 21st century.
  • Establish parameters and propose instruments that facilitate the integration of e-learning in educational institutions with quality criteria.
  • Promote greater confidence in society for online education through empirical evidence.
  • Transfer research results to society in general.

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