Members of Edul@ab develop a study on the potential of the concept of learning ecologies.

In a post-pandemic context, reflection on teacher training in the use of digital technologies has accelerated unprecedentedly, becoming a key aspect of educational research.

In this regard, the lack of appropriate models to support teachers in their professional development is evident.  Many studies have analysed the different positions and beliefs of teachers regarding the use of technologies for educational purposes and how decisive they can be in the success or failure of their implementation in the teaching and learning processes in the classroom.

Lourdes Guàrdia Ortiz, Marc Romero Carbonell and Juliana Elisa Raffaghel, the three researchers of the Edul@ab group have conducted a research project on the most effective ways in which elementary school teachers

acquire their digital competencies based on the contributions of 23 experts.
Using Delphi methodology with two iterations, expert knowledge about the problem was probed to learn how it is developed and refined.
Adopting  the  theoretical  lens  of  Learning  Ecologies, the  results  provide  a contrast   on   which   components   support   effective   professional   learning   with   respect   to   ICT integration, laying the groundwork for new methods and approaches to professional development.

Although the study presented here was developed prior to the pandemic, it offers a series of key elements and reflections for the training of teachers in the use of ICTs, opening up new opportunities and challenges that make it possible to deal more effectively with emergency situations in schools that necessarily involve this need.

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