The pedagogical vertex. First session of the cycle “Digital transformation in school”

On November 17, we celebrated the first session of the cycle “Digital Transformation in School”. The event was presented by Montse Guitert, UOC Professor in Psychology and Educational Sciences Studies and coordinator of the Edul-ab. During the presentation he highlighted the purpose of the cycle: To show how the pandemic has made schools react, so that we can maintain our provision of education to our students: What strategies we have followed, and what we have discovered would have taken us to do better. He also explained how we have learned from everything in order to continue the educational digital transformation of our centers. All this, understanding that this transformation has to do not only with technology, but also with organization and pedagogy, and how the synergy between these three vertices, technology, organization and pedagogy, can generate a virtuous triangle (TOP) that will lead to a true transformation of the educational environment.

Following the presentation, the format of the cycle was explained, and how transformation, in the educational field, always depends on various factors that are interdependent. In this sense, he stressed that none of the vertices is independent, because it is connected to the other two. Without losing sight of this, he emphasized how each of the lieutenants intensified the approach to the corresponding vertex. Once the cycle was presented, the main lines of the session “The pedagogical vertex” were presented, which contemplates the restructuring of teaching and learning systems and methods; the use and selection of methodologies to cope with the situation, achieving the objectives established; the assigned responsibility and protagonism of the students consequently the role of the teachers, the need to rethink the teaching materials, the possibilities of collaboration with other teachers, as well as with the families and the educational community in this new scenario; the development of strategies to maintain the levels of interaction and socialization needed in situations of non coincidence in space and many more aspects.

At the end of the presentation, she gave the floor to the rapporteur, Montse Jiménez. A teacher with a lot of experience, who has also been the principal of a school for a long time and who is currently developing as the pedagogical director of the Escola Vedruna-Prats from Carrera de Palafrugell. There she combines management tasks with secondary teaching tasks, and is part of the training and innovation team of the Vedruna Catalunya Education centers network. During the presentation he analyzed important challenges in the school educational environment, for example, how to contribute to transforming school failure and dismotivation? He raised the four pillars to face the pedagogical vertex, focusing on explaining the pillar of digital maturity and methodological competence during the session. Other issues he raised revolved around questions like: What challenges have we had to solve after the pandemic? According to Montse Jiménez himself, Malgrat that the response of the educational community was very good, perhaps not everyone was prepared for a situation of those characteristics.

In conclusion, we propose to reflect on three quotes from the speaker:

“If we want to break the classroom bars, technology can help us. But the dangers of the tool must be borne in mind. We need to help the student to have a critical spirit, from consumer students to content-creating students.”

“The fact is that we are educating the three dimensions of the student, and when we work with technology we can not only focus on one aspect”

“Technology has to be integrated into the educational context, mobilizing all the educational actors and responding to educational needs. with an inclusive and personalized look”


We invite you to watch the video of the first session of the cycle, available at the beginning of this post. We are waiting for you at the next session “The Technological Vertex” on December 1! More information and registration at this link

“El vèrtex tecnològic”

“El vèrtex tecnològic”

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