Delsa Silva Amino Cufuna Receives the Joan Oró (FI) 2024 Scholarship

Delsa Silva Amino Cufuna, doctoral student in Education and ICT (e-Learning) in the Edul@b group of the Open University of Catalonia, has been awarded the “JOAN ORÓ (FI) 2024” scholarship from the Secretariat of Universities i Research from the Department of Research and Universities of the Generalitat de Catalunya and from the Fons Europeanu Social Plus, together with the project “Transparent Assessment for Online Learning by Digitally Competent Professors” where Josep Maria Duart, member of the Edul@b research group, is a researcher .

The Joan Oró scholarship provides aid to public and private universities of the university system of Catalonia, research centers, hospital foundations and Unique Scientific and Technical Infrastructures (ICTS) for the hiring of predoctoral research personnel in training.

Delsa focuses her research on “Didactic Strategies in the Creation of Augmented Reality Digital Content for Teachers in Primary Education Training”, e-learning, qualitative research, transdisciplinarity and philosophy of education.

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