Consult AMED Project Study Programme and Institutional Framework For E-learning

The Project “AMED – Advancing higher education in Maldives through E- learning Development” has the goal to enable support of the modernization, approach and internationalization of higher education in Maldives through academic teacher competences and skills promotion, considering new innovative education programs in E- learning.

The consortium is formed by Faculty of Organization and Informatics (Croatia), Maldives National University (Maldives), The Open University of Catalonia (Spain) and Croatian Academic and Research Network (Croatia).

The results of the project can be downloaded from AMED Official Website, such as the Study Programme and Institutional Framework For E-learning. You can find more materials about the project, here.

  • Study Programme – It targets the professional development of teachers and decision makers (management) of MNU. Further scaled to a full 2-cycle degree programme for students of education, future teachers which would result in much broader application of e-learning and influence the whole education system in Maldives.
  • Institutional Framework for E-learning – The institutional framework for comprehensive development of e-learning at MNU. A proposal of the changes needed including refining or re-prioritising policy and organisation-level, instruments and objectives, tracking result chains of different policies and organisation practice to e-learning development impacts.

More information about AMED, here

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