Edul@b experts in ICT skills assessment invited to a session of the Working Group on Digital Education: Learning, Teaching and Assessment (DELTA)

Professors from the UOC’s Psychology and Education Sciences Department and researchers from Edul@b, Lourdes Guardia and Marcelo Maina, on June 29, were special guests at the Peer Learning Activity session on improving the provision of digital skills in education and training in which the Working Group (WG) Digital Education learning Teaching and Assessment (DELTA) and which was organized by the Directorate General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission (EC) and moderated by Anusca Ferrari, is currently the Policy Officer of the EC Digital Education Unit (EAC.C4).

The reason for the invitation was to participate as experts in aspects of skills assessment with the support of ICT, as the focus of the day was focused on the topic of digital skills assessment.

UOC teachers presented the model for assessing the digital competence of Primary and Secondary students, which was piloted within the framework of theH2020 CRISS (Acquisition, Assessment and Certification of Students’ Digital Competence in Primary and Secondary Schools) and which has been recognized by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar.

WG DELTA was interested in learning about this experience in order to see examples of how Digital Competence can be assessed and recognized and to make proposals on how to address it from the Annual Recommendation Council document that is being developed and will be CE. In addition to presenting the experience, which was highly valued, the UOC experts took part in discussion sessions on what proposals could be included in this document of recommendations to be sent to the European Commission.

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