Edul@b team participated in the CRISS H2020 project meeting held in Athens

The members of Edul@b involved in the CRISS project (Lourdes Guàrdia, Marcelo Maina, Federica Mancini, and Pablo Baztán) participated in the project meeting held in Athens from 6 to 8 of February.

The meeting was an opportunity to present the development of the work packages and to discuss crucial issues foreseen in this third year of the project such as the digital competence certification and the pilots’ progress in the different partners’ countries.

The first day, after the update on the technical plans, UOC team presented an overview of the work done in WP3 and the achievements since the last plenary.

The following workshop, coordinated by UOC, DXT, and UCL, was dedicated to collect ideas on possible scenarios for Magellan, an authoring tool to support mixed-reality experiences.

The second day focused on the Digital Competence certificate issuing procedures, with a session dedicated to explore the roadmap set up by each partner towards the recognition of CRISS certificates at a national level, in each country that is represented in the project consortium.

In the afternoon the user-partners presented the pilot progress and plans with a special focus on the number of participants and the actions to be undertaken to increase the participation.

The last day included the rehearsal for the next review meeting scheduled in March. UOC team presented the work done to extend the CRISS operational concept to primary education and the methodology followed to define the indicators for assessing primary school students and also provided an overview of the adaptation of the competence assessment scenarios (CAS) to this educational stage carried out by the teachers involved in the CRISS project.

More information on the CRISS project is available here:,  

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