Towards quality in the processes of Learner Generated Content (LGC)

ICT and, mainly, web2.0 associated tools are promoting and facilitating the active involvement of users and learning opportunities (Williams & Channer, 2009). Indeed, users are not limited only to reading or viewing, they also increase their level of involvement producing and publishing their own content using simple tools (Dans, 2009). There is no doubt that with the Web2.0 witnessing a change in the role of the user, who becomes the real protagonist adopting a creative role and exerting both as reader and writer (Balagué and Zayas, 2007; Cabero et al. 2009). But how do you ensure the quality of this content? What criteria can we rely on to value?

In the framework of the European project CONCEDE, it has been working on a quality framework for User Generated Content or Learner Generated Content processes, since it takes place in an educational context . Under the coordination of some members of Edul@b, on Thursday June 9th some participants of CONCEDE project meet at the eLearn Center of the UOC (Barcelona) to reflect on the quality of the LGC based on a pilot experience developed by each one of them: Institute for Innovation in Learning (FIM NewLearning), HCI Productions Oy, Egyetem Gazdaságtudományi és MUSZAKI Budapesti, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, University of Plymouth and Universidade Católica Portuguesa). From Edul@b members, it will attend Montse Guitert, Marc Romero and Maria Perez – Mateo. Marcelo Maina (another project participant) may not attend since it is currently conducting a research stay in England .

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