Are we educated to be creative ?

In our educational system, the classic tandem most valued materials are still formed by the language (the native and foreign) and mathematics. Many subjects are added to these: nature, social, technology, philosophy, history… all featuring a closed and strict curriculum that covers the entire school. In this way, what room is there to work creativity in the classroom?

Sir Ken Robinson is one of the today’s pioneers in terms of innovation and creativity applied to education and business world. This author considers the idea that education today is influenced by two movements that marked decades ago: the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. Thus, the goals of the current educational system are still marked by a specialization based learning and obtaining knowledge for industrial society, which are no longer valid in the information society and knowledge in which we are immersed.

In this sense, Robinson proposes that teachers consider classroom diversity, creating the necessary conditions for each child/adolescent deployment to maximize their creativity, fostering existing talent within each of their students.

If you want to deep into the theories of Ken Robinson, we recommend viewing one of his innovative presentations, Changing paradigms.

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