Assessment of learning developed through the use of Open Educational Resources

We proposed earlier this week the debate on the quality of open content, a relevant question that leads us to ask another questions not without controversy . Nowadays, more and more educational institutions are offering OCW (Open Course Ware ) based on the use of OER (Open Educational Resources ). This phenomenon leads us into another debate: How we should evaluate, recognize and/or demonstrate learning acquired through the use of these open resources? What are the most appropriate assessment methods? What accreditation and recognition scenarios can be generated? Educational institutions begin to reflect on these issues and reach consensus and concrete proposals will not be easy , but the journey has already begun .

On 6th and 7th of June, Professor Lourdes Guardia – Edul@b and eLearn Center member- and teachers Montse Vall-llovera and Carles Garrigues, within OERtest project, participated in a European meeting as experts to discuss extensively on this issue and propose some recommendations to consider when implementing the first cases .

This meeting brought together 17 experts from different countries and took place at the University of the Nacions Unides (UNU ) in Bonn. Then, on day 8th, the coordinators of each of the institutions participating in the project, including Professor Albert Sangrà – academic director of the eLearn Center and member of Edul@b- , evaluated the results of the meeting as very positive and determined the interest of organizing a second meeting on 12nd and 13th September in Portugal.

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