Members of the group Edul@b met Greg Kaminski & María Zajac as part of their stay at the eLearn Center of the UOC

Several members of the group Edul@b research group met with Greg Kaminski and Maria Zajac, as part of their post-doctoral stay at the eLearn Center of the UOC.

 Greg Kaminski is an accredited trainer and assessor of Quality Matters Program of the United States, and specialist in quality in e-learning.

 Maria Zajac is specialized in quality assurance in the field of e-Learning, she’s from the Center for Development of Distance and Continuing Education of the School of Economics Warsaw, Poland.

 The two visitors met with Pedro Rocha (postdoctoral student settled in the eLearn Center) and Marcelo Maina (one of his tutors and member of the group Edul@b) to exchange experiences about a research that is being developed in order to build a quality framework for master’s programs online.

 Maria Zajac met Albert Sangrà (director of the eLearn Center and member of the group Edul@b) to define lines of collaboration with the eLearn Center. Later, she met Marc Romero (member of the group Edul@b) to know about his experience using Web 2.0 tools in online collaborative work.

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