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The Learning Ecologies of primary school teachers in Catalonia

Learning ecologies could be defined as the set of context configurations composed of activities, materials, resources and relationships that are generated in physical or virtual spaces and that provide learning opportunities, and allow us to study the mechanisms of development and professional updating of different types of professionals. Following this concept, the Edul@b group participates…

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“Networked Scholars”, a talk by George Veletsianos

On last November 12, 2015, took place in Barcelona the international seminar New contexts, multiple mechanisms: Learning Ecologies organised by the Edul@b research group and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). The seminar aimed to introduce the concept of learning ecologies and find commonalities in the research of national and international experts. In this sense,…

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New contexts, multiple mechanisms: Learning Ecologies

How a teacher is updated throughout his life? Which activities, materials, resources and physical or virtual relationships can provide a good learning opportunity for teachers? What are the contributions of ICT to the professional development of teachers? All these questions orbit around the concept of learning ecologies that could be defined as the set of…

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Seminar “New contexts, multiple mechanisms: Learning Ecologies”: Participate!

The seminar “New contexts, multiple mechanisms: Learning Ecologies ” will be held in Barcelona next November 12th. The seminar will involve the participation of different international experts: Rose Luckin (London Knowledge Lab), Caroline Hawthornthwaite (University of British Columbia), Norman Jackson (University of Sussex; Emeritus) y George Veletsianos (Royal Roads University). The main aim of the seminar…

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