“Networked Scholars”, a talk by George Veletsianos

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On last November 12, 2015, took place in Barcelona the international seminar New contexts, multiple mechanisms: Learning Ecologies organised by the Edul@b research group and the Open University of Catalonia (UOC).

The seminar aimed to introduce the concept of learning ecologies and find commonalities in the research of national and international experts. In this sense, the main components of learning ecologies were explored, with a focus on how ICT and social networks can enrich them.

“Networked Scholars” by George Veletsianos

Precisely, in the seminar took place the talk “Networked Scholars” by George Veletsianos, professor of education and researcher of learning technologies at the Royal Roads University in Canada. The basic question of the talk was the discussion about how universities can support and encourage online participation efficiently.

Most of the talk focused on the online training structures in academia and the use of social networks carried out by academics. In this regard, and among other issues, Veletsianos explained the concept of Networked Scholarship; indicated what do networked scholars do online; pointed why professors are on social media and explained which are some of the challenges they have to face.

According to the professor, the implications of these structures are varied and significant, since certain digital practices question elements of the traditional academic practice. He also indicated that social media transform academic practice and, in turn, academic practice transforms how social media are used. You can visualize the complete talk by George Veletsianos here:

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