The researchers of Edul@b Albert Sangrà and Montse Guitert explain what the learning ecologies are in the Ara newspaper


Albert Sangrà and Montse Guitert, of the Edul@b research group, have explained in an article in the Ara newspaper what the learning ecologies are and which are the best practices for optimising them and improve teacher training.

Learning ecologies

For learning ecologies we are referring to the set of context configurations composed of activities, materials, resources and relationships that are generated in physical or virtual spaces and that provide learning opportunities and allow us to study the mechanisms of development and professional updating of different types of professionals.

Understanding this rich complexity can make teachers learn more and better.

Fifteen proposals to improve teacher training

Under the umbrella of the Eco4Learn project, Edul@b has identified which are the best practices in order to take full advantage of the learning ecologies of the teachers of Catalonia, summarised in 15 proposals destined to teachers, centres and administration.

You can find the article of the Ara newspaper and the 15 recommendations in this link.

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