Discover EXCIITE Project – Enabling eXtremely Creative, Inclusive, Inspiring Teachers for Europe

The EXCIITE Project (Enabling eXtremely Creative, Inclusive, Inspiring Teachers for Europe) project aims at improving creativity, inclusiveness, and equity in European schools. The ultimate beneficiaries of this project are the school pupils/students who will benefit from more inspiring and inclusive learning environments. EXCIITE addresses this aim by focusing on teachers’ competencies: it proposes a conceptual framework, concrete requalification paths for in-service teachers, and a set of methodological and organisational resources suitable to support the “creative and meaningful transition” of school systems.

The objectives of the project are the following:

  • To design a series of training modules that combine into flexible and personalized learning paths based on a self-assessment tool designed to help teachers recognize their own training needs
  • To build a Hub for teacher training, consisting of a web repository of multilingual learning resources for teachers (building on what is already available in national teacher training agencies and at EU network level), to help them develop and practice creativity skills, learning innovation, self-regulatory learning, appreciation of diversity and social inclusion
  • To create an alliance of teacher education institutions capable of collaborating transnationally and supporting the exchange of resources and good practices in the field of in-service teacher education

The consortium is formed by Università degli studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia (Italy); Fondazione Reggio Children – Centro Loris Malaguzzi (Italy);  Fondation des Régions Européennes pour la Recherche, l’Education et la Formation (Belgium); Eotvos Lorand Tudomanyegyetem (Hungary); Örebro University (Sweden); Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Spain); Istituto Comprensivo « A. Manzoni » (Italy) 

Take a look at the Analytical Report of Good Practices and Intervention Models for Teacher Training summarises existing knowledge and good practices for teacher training. The report aims to help teacher training institutions to review their continuing professional development supply and motivate teachers to undertake substantial qualification and practice innovation paths at a transnational level. In addition, it is an innovative tool as it links the macro-scenarios for school system innovation and the school practice at the organisational and pedagogical levels. The report is structured in the following points:

  1. A theoretical framework for teacher training to support effective professional development. 
  2. The presentation of processes and rationale for collecting best practices and the methodology for analyzing functional elements.
  3. The presentation of the Good Practice Elements (GPEs) as they emerged from the analysis of practice documentation.
  4. Concluding remarks to guide future project actions.
  5. The appendix shows the descriptive grids of the 35 good practices.

More information about EXCIITE, here

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