Learn More About Critical Digital Literacies Framework, Online Course and Online Toolkit Developed By DETECT Project

The Project DETECT – Developing Teachers’ Critical Digital Literacies aims to develop an understanding of teachers’ needs in relation to critical digital literacies within a school context. By raising educators’ awareness regarding the complexity of using digital technologies and social media for educational and institutional purposes. Also, on how to use social media for professional development and lifelong learning.

The goal is to empower and educate educators so that they can take informed decisions regarding digital technologies and social media use and what they share online within the context of the school setting. In consequence, educate educators so that they can make pedagogically meaningful and safe use of digital technologies. Resulting in the creation and user-test in collaboration with educators a range of intellectual outputs and resources on the topic of critical digital literacies (e.g. MOOC and toolkit).

The consortium is formed by University of Hull (UK), Università Degli Studi Firenze (Italy), University of Helsinki (Finland), STePS (Italy), Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (Spain), Lintumetsän Koulu (Finland), I.I.S. Sassetti Peruzzi (Italy), Escola Virolai (Spain) and Old Ford Primary (UK).

The results of the project can be downloaded from DETECT Official Website, such as Critical Digital Literacies FrameworkOnline Course and Online Toolkit. Find more projects outputs, here

  • Critical Digital Literacies Framework – This new framework is not intended to replace other national or international efforts aimed towards assessing and developing digital literacies but rather to complement these and contribute to the ongoing debate in this fast-changing field. More specifically, it aims to bring together the various dimensions of other literacies, such as digital literacy, information literacy, media literacy and data literacy that have been identified in the literature, and policy-making, and synthesise these into a comprehensive framework that will allow teachers to reflect upon, assess and further develop their critical digital literacies.
  • Online Course – SOLET (Self-organised learning environment for Teachers) enhances teachers’ knowledge and competences in relation to using digital technologies to support pedagogical, communicative, creative and collaborative activities.
  • Online Toolkit – This online toolkit is drawn on the competences included in the critical digital literacies framework developed as IO1. The purpose of the toolkit for schools and teachers is to exemplify and illustrate best practices and affordances in relation to critically using digital technologies within a school context, both for educational purposes or for teachers’ professional development.

More information about DETECT, here

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