Participation of the Edul@b research group in the “Fòrum Internacional d’Educació i Tecnologia (FIET) 2018”

On July 26th will take place the International Forum for Education and Technology (FIET 2018), organised by the Catalan universities, including the UOC, and that will be held in Barcelona at the headquarters of the Universitat Ramon Llull.

With the slogan “FIETxs2018: ethical education and digital citizenship” this edition of the congress will aim to contribute to the improvement of education through analysis, debate, the elaboration of proposals and the dissemination from a technological and transformative point of view, in addition to locating specialists and international experiences that could allow greater understanding and reflection around education, ethics and digital citizenship.

Participation of Edul@b in the FIET 2018

In the frame of the congress different symposiums are organised and the Edul@b research group, member of the organising committee of the FIET 2018, will present the symposium “Digital attitude, actions for responsible use of ICT and digital media“, in which the researchers Montse Guitert and Teresa Romeu will reflect on the growing evolution of digital technologies in our society and the new ways of relating, presenting, participating and behaving that involves using these digital technologies.

The symposium will also present educational experiences where explicit work is being done in order to make responsible use of ICT and digital media at different educational levels; from primary school to university.

The deadline for submitting communications at the conference is April 23:

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