Edul@b coordinates the European project CODUR to set indicators for the measurement of world-wide online education


The UOC and the Open University of the United Kingdom, two of the most important online universities in Europe, join forces to develop the European project Creating an Online Dimension for University Rankings (CODUR), coordinated by the Edul@b research group and with the collaboration of the research centre Consiglio Nazionale della Ricerca – Istituto delle Tecnologie Didattiche  that will externally validate the results obtained.

CODUR aims to generate a set of European-led quality criteria and indicators for the measurement of worldwide online education dimension, and the guidelines for integrating these online education metrics in the current U-Multirank ranking, the European funded university ranking which intends to be a European contribution to the development of a multidimensional ranking.

The CODUR project

CODUR will provide the new online education institutions dimension (set of criteria and indicators) to be integrated in the U-Multirank ranking, and the guidelines to improve the performance of online institutions.

In addition, several intangible results will also be achieved, as the increase of reputation of the partner institutions and the strength of the strategic alliance from the partnership perspective, and the increase of high-level quality learning opportunities for European and worldwide students, as well as better reputation for online education.

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