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Assessing and accrediting OER-based learning… is it possible?

Marcelo F. Maina, Albert Sangrà and Maria Perez-Mateo participated in the EFQUEL Innovation Forum, held in Granada on 5-7th September.

Their contribution was entitled “Traditional universities Assessing and Accrediting OER​​-based learning”. It took place within the workshop “Certification of open learning: Up-to-date practice and a future vision”. Its main objective was to present the results obtained from the Feasibility testing according to the OERtest project.

In general terms, it is concluded that assessing and accrediting OER-based learning is feasible but complex while identifying a set of mechanisms already implemented in Higher Education Institutions. Also there were identified possible scenarios for its implementation.

Considering the proposal made ​​by the OERtest project, do you think that your institution would be ready to adopt OER-based learning?

Together with Pedro Rocha, Marcelo F. Maina and Albert Sangrà participated in the workshop “Innovation and quality assessment”. Its contribution was related to “Evaluating online programs and quality frameworks”. The workshop was facilitated by Miguel Gea, University of Granada.


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