Interview with Dr. Meritxell Monguillot on ICT and the field of physical education for the blog tiching

Dr. Meritxell Monguillot  recently gave an interview for the blog in education and ICT tiching. In the interview, he reflects, among other issues related to education and new technologies, on how ICT can contribute in an area such as Physical Education.

You can read the complete interview with Dr. Monguillot in the following link:

Doctoral thesis in the Edul @ b research group

Meritxell Monguillot defended her doctoral thesis entitled “Design, implementation and evaluation of learning situations mediated by ICT in physical education through teacher collaboration” in June of 2017. The thesis was co-directed by the main investigator of Edul@b Montse Guitert and Dr. Carles González Arévalo of the National Institute of Physical Education of Catalonia (INEFC Barcelona).

The purpose of the research of the thesis was focused on how to design ICT-mediated learning situations in Physical Education through collaborative teaching as a strategy, in order to respond to the requirements of an increasingly technological, changing and uncertain society.

This research is in line with other studies that emphasise the importance of an educational transformation that advocates for competency learning, the combination of learning environments, collaborative work and the integration of ICT in the classroom.

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