Granted Thematic Network for virtual collaborative learning (RACEV)

In the framework of the “complementary actions” of the Science and Innovation Ministry, it has been granted the “Red temática de Aprendizaje Colaborativo en Entornos Virtuales” (Thematic Network Virtual Collaborative Learning) (EDU2010 – 09 535 -E ), led by Dr. Montse Guitert, Principal Investigator of Edul@b.

With a grant of 23,000 euros, involved the following researchers and research groups :

Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, UOC.

  • Research Group on ICT and Education , Edul@b ( SGR 591):
    • Dr. Montse Guitert (coordinator), Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunication, principal investigator of emerging group Edul@b and member of eLearn Center.
    • Dr. Marco Romero, Professor of Computer Studies, Multimedia and Telecommunications , coordinator of the course ” ICT Skills” and researcher at the eLearn Center of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC ) .
    • Teresa Romeu, a professor in the Department of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications.
    • Dr. Maria Perez-Mateo, research technique in the european project CONCEDE (Content Creation Excellence through Dialogue in Education).
  • Environments Research group and learning materials ( EMA ) .
    • Dr. Begoña Gros, eLearn Center of the UOC and University of Barcelona, principal investigator of the research group of the Generalitat de Catalunya environments and learning materials (EMA) .
    • Dr. Iolanda Garcia, PhD in Education. Professor at the University of Barcelona and Technical Innovation Office at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya .

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, UPC.

  • Dr. Juan Domingo , Department of Systems Engineering , Automatic Control , professor of Industrial Control and Automation .

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, UAB.

  • Dr. Joan Rue , Department of Applied Pedagogy .

Universidad de la Laguna , ULL .

  • Dr. Manuel Area , Department of Teaching and Educational Research in the Faculty of Education, Professor of Curriculum and School in the Faculty of Education.

  • Dr. Amador Guarro, Department of Teaching and Educational Research in the Faculty of Education, Professor of Curriculum and Organization at the Faculty of Education.

Universitat de les Illes Balears, UIB .

  • Dr. Jesús Salinas , Department of Applied Pedagogy and Educational Psychology , Professor of Educational Technology , Department of Educational Sciences.

Universidad de Sevilla, U.S.

  • Dr. Pedro Román , Department of Teaching and Educational organization , Doctor in Education and Professor, Department of Teaching and Educational Organization (Department of Didactics and School )

Universidad de Valladolid, UVA .

  • Dr. Bartolomé Rubio, School of the Faculty of Education, Doctor and professor at Universidad de Valladolid, a regular member of the Research Group Recognized GSIC – EMIC of UVA .

International Training CLAY .

  • Dr. Cristóbal Suarez. Doctor of Education, virtual training processes for the Universidad de Salamanca, graduated from the Masters in Teaching at Higher Level and Degree in Education, specializing in Philosophy and Social Sciences from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos.

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