Adult Education in Europe: Needs and Challenges

On the 3rd, 4th and 5th of March 2015 was held in Timisoara (Romania) the second face-to-face meeting of the OERup! project, attended by Maria Perez-Mateo and Nati Cabrera, both members of the Edul@b group research. OERup! takes up the need of promoting and fostering successful implementation of practices with OER in adult learning institutions in Europe, with the aim of raising awareness of the value to be derived from OER, as well as supporting an OER-friendly environment in education institutions to widen participation in Open Education.

Preliminary results show the need to provide REA in Adult Education in Europe. Specifically, the reports developed by project members from different countries (Romania, Germany, UK, Italy and Spain) conclude that there are insufficient OER for Adult Education, either in quantity or in quality. Similarly, preliminary results highlight the lack of Adult Education teachers training on the open education movement.

The next steps of OERup! focus on the design and implementation of a training package aimed to teachers in order to encourage the adoption of open education in Adult Education. The training package will be available from the project page as well as reports and all available information about the project:

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