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How to build fair data cultures in HEIs?

Overcoming the tension between technology and social criticism: closing the Webinar Series “Fair Data Cultures in Higher Education: emerging practices, professionalism and the challenge of social justice” On December 16, a work chapter related to the Ramón y Cajal UOC project “Professional Learning Ecologies for Digital Scholarship: Modernizing Higher Education by Supporting Professionalism” (Ministry of…

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Exploring data practices in Higher Education Institutions

(Read the synthesis of results) We keep on exploring the idea of Data Cultures. We did it now through this survey which uncovered data practices in teaching. Our initial assumption is that the institutions adopt  data practices (or get used to them) according not only to individual initiatives of research and innovation, but above all,…

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Fair learning analytics: design, participation and transdiscipline within the technostructure

  Webinars’ cycle “Fair Data Cultures in Higher Education”  July 6th – 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. (GMT + 1) / 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (GMT – 3) Subscribe here [The webinar space is protected by a password, which we send only to the people that register. This is the reason why we require registration]….

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Upcoming ‘Data Cultures in HE’ webinar: “Building Data Cultures: narratives and activism from the Civil Society”

  Webinar Series: Data Cultures in HE: Emerging practices, professionalism and the challenge of social justice Rahul Bhargava – MIT Media Lab (US) – 20 May 2020 – REGISTRATION OPEN! By Juliana E. Raffaghelli So far so good, we are approaching to our fifth webinar in the Series. Las one was in the pre-COVID19 era in Spain, and a…

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The Webinar Series “Data Cultures in HE” goes on! “Opening Data in Technology Enhanced Learning Research: The challenge, the practices”

Justgrimes, 2012 – CC-BY By Juliana E. Raffaghelli On March 12, we have a new Webinar Series’ appointment with Davinia H. Leo from the TIDE Research Group on Interactive and Distributed Technologies for Education. Davinia will shed light on a topic of growing interest: the participation of Technology enhanced learning research to the Open Science…

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