El capítulo sobre la visibilidad de las competencias de empleabilidad de los estudiantes graduados, y que publicado IGI Global, ya está disponible en línea

El capítulo «Visibility of Graduate Students’ Employability Skills: An ePortfolio Solution Addressing the Skills Gap» de Lourdes Guàrdia, Marcelo Maina y Federica Mancini ha sido publicado recientemente por IGI Global. El capítulo, que aparece en el libro «Cases on Active Blended Learning in Higher Education» editado por Brenda Cecilia Padilla Rodríguez y Alejandro Armellini, ya está disponible en línea en el Repositorio Institucional de la UOC (O2).

El capítulo se basa en algunos de los resultados obtenidos del proyecto H2020 ‘EPICA – Strategic Partnership for the Co-Design of an Innovative and Scalable ePortfolio’ que concluyó en diciembre de 2020.


This chapter highlights the contributions of the EPICA project in reducing the skills gap of graduate students in sub-Saharan Africa. It presents the solution designed and implemented to improve the quality of employability skills development and visibility to prospective employers. The first part of this chapter provides an overview of the skills gap between higher education institutions and the workplace in sub-Saharan Africa. It includes the description of the specific eAssessment pedagogical framework and methodology supported by the EPICA ePortfolio as a transition tool designed to address this gap. The second part of the chapter outlines the challenges that could hinder the solution’s implementation and the full exploitation of its benefits. Solutions and recommendations are also discussed with the aim to increase the impact in the EPICA stakeholder community and encourage the implementation of the proposed solution in other universities, especially those adopting blended and online learning models.

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