Seminar: New contexts, multiple mechanisms: Learning Ecologies

The aim of this seminar was to reflect on the concept of learning ecologies as a strategy for lifelong learning, starting from the results obtained by the Edul@b research group in the Eco4Learn project. In particular, the seminar focused on teacher development through different mechanisms and in a variety of contexts, with a special emphasis on web and social technologies.

This seminar took place at UOC headquarters in Barcelona on November 12, 2015. The seminar involved the participation of different international experts: Rose Luckin (London Knowledge Lab), Caroline Hawthornthwaite (University of British Columbia), Norman Jackson (University of Sussex; Emeritus) and George Veletsianos (Royal Roads University). National invitees from related research projects and groups also contributed to this whole day discussion around the concept of learning ecologies.

Here are the presentations of the day:

Round table con Rose Luckin, Caroline Haythornthwaite y Norman Jackson: “Ecology of learning: concept and framework”

Albert Sangrà (Grupo Edul@b, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya): “El proyecto ECO4LEARN: resultados y perspectivas”

Norman Jackson (University of Surrey, UK): “Lifewide Learning”

Rose Luckin (Institute of Education “University of London, UK): “Resources-based Ecologies”

Caroline Haythornthwaite (University of British Columbia, Canada): “Learning Ecologies: The Individual and the use of Networks”

George Veletsianos (Royal Roads University, Canada): “Networked Scholars”

Fernando Hernández (Grupo Esbrina, Universitat de Barcelona): “Ecologías de aprendizaje: Explorando las movilidades de aprendizaje de los jóvenes dentro y fuera de los centros de educación secundaria”

César Coll (Grupo GRINTIE, Universitat de Barcelona): “Ecologías del aprendizaje, experiencias de aprendizaje e identidad de aprendiz”

Mercedes González Sanmamed (Grupo EIRA, Universidad de A Coruña): “El desarrollo profesional docente desde las ecologías de aprendizaje: un estudio con docentes de primaria”

Eduardo Fernández (Grupo ICUFOP, Universidad de Granada): “Ecologías del Aprendizaje en Contextos Múltiples: Análisis de Proyectos de Educación Expandida y Conformación de Ciudadanía”