Published the thesis “The integration of Digital Technologies in educational centers: actors and practices. Three case studies” by Dr. Azucena Vázquez

The thesis of Dr. M. Azucena Vázquez Gutiérrez entitled “The integration of Digital Technologies in educational centers: actors and practices. Three case studies” is now available for open access consultation. The thesis was supervised by Dr. Montse Guitert Catasús, Main Researcher of Edul@b Group.

This thesis is based on the premise that certain factors have the potential to aid schools in integrating digital technologies. Thus, by analyzing a range of school-related scenarios and practices and exploring the thoughts and opinions of those most involved (ie teachers and students), this research aims to find out what those factors are and subsequently make proposals that can be extrapolated to other educational settings and circumstances. More specifically, by applying a mixed-methods approach to three case studies, this thesis pinpoints key aspects of the schools’ organizational and methodological strategies for integrating digital technologies. The analysis also considers the students’ and teachers’ thoughts on the opportunities and limitations these strategies give rise to; hones in on the educational practices which boost students’ digital competence; and identifies which aspects of these practices are enhanced by the integration of digital technologies.

The thesis can be consulted in these academic spaces:

  • O2 de la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya:

  • Tesis Doctorals en Xarxa:

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