Edul@b participates with various communications at the international conference ICERI 2018 held in Seville

From November 12 to 14 the international conference ICERI 2018 took place in the city of Seville. ICERI is one of the largest international conferences of education, and has the participation of many teachers, researchers, technologists and professionals in the education sector.

The Edul@b research group has actively participated in the conference with three communications in which several of its researchers participate.

The assessment of an online collaborative project based learning

Edul@b researcher Marc Romero presented the communication “The assessment of an online collaborative project-based learning”, of which Montse Guitert and Teresa Romeu are also co-authors.

From a description of a specific experience in the subject “ICT Competences (ICTC)” of the UOC that is developed through a learning methodology based on online collaborative projects and in which a continuous e-assessment process is carried out , the study presented in the communication explores the role of the different agents, spaces and objects of evaluation that intervene in the process, paying special attention to the active participation of the students. In this subject, the teacher evaluates the student from two dimensions: on the one hand, the evaluation of the process followed during the different phases of the subject and, on the other hand, the evaluation of the results of each of them. Once the evaluation has been carried out, the teacher carries out individual and group feedback after each phase of the project.

Regarding the active role of students in their own evaluation process, they participate in both the evaluation of the process and the evaluation of the results.

The process assessment, developed in the framework of teamwork, is developed through self and peer-assessment activities. In addition, a process of reflection regarding teamwork is carried out at the end of each phase of the project, based on an interactive process among the members of the group. The evaluation of the results focuses on a discussion process during which every student participates individually as an evaluator analyzing one concrete project produced by other group and as part of a group participating in the development of the responses that their specific group receives from other individual evaluators.

The methodology of this research is a case study in which the case is the subject itself. With the aim of analyzing the students’ perception of the strategies and tools of e-evaluation of the course for the development of their own learning process, a quantitative online questionnaire was applied in the final stage of the subject. The results revealed that the students value very positively both the individual and group feedback carried out by the teacher, since it helps them to detect aspects of improvement both in their participation as members of a group and in group dynamics. Regarding their active participation in the evaluation process, the students consider that the self-assessment and co-evaluation activities are very useful to reflect on their own learning process and to become aware of those aspects that are best from a critical point of view.

Other communications that have the participation of Edul @ b presented in the ICERI 2018

The communication “Design thinking applied to online higher education: the case of postgraduate UOC course” evaluation culture “, of which Teresa Romeu is a co-author, was also presented at the conference. The communication describes the specific case of the UOC postgraduate course “Evaluation Culture”. In the following link you can consult the complete abstract of this communication:

Another communication co-authored by Teresa Romeu, along with the doctoral student of Edul@b Ricardo Jiménez Bezares, is: “Exploring a methodology based on a peer review for the development of mathematical competence in high school“. The complete abstract of this communication can be consulted in the following link:

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