Edul@b will travel to Helsinki to attend the initial meeting of the Erasmus + DECODE project


On 2nd and 3rd of February, the Edul@b research group will travel to Helsinki in order to meet with the other partners of the European project DEvelop COmpetences in Digital Era. Expertise, best practices and teaching in the XXI century (DECODE) on the occasion of the kickoff meeting of the project, which will end on 2019.

The DECODE project is coordinated by the Italian organization Fondazione Link Campus University and involves 7 different partners from 5 countries, including Edul@b. Concretely, the meeting will be attended by the teachers and researchers of Edul@b Montse Guitert and Marc Romero. The Edul@b researcher Teresa Romeu is also involved in the project.

DECODE aims at highlighting experiences, practices and teachers competences activated in schools in digital fields, with the intent to favour the diffusion of best practises and the improvement of media and digital literacy and intend to experiment a new training model for teachers, which aims at contributing to the creation of digital competences to respond the new demands of knowledge and information society to education system.

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