Second publication of the Edul@b Smartpapers’ collection on digital attitude


Are we aware of the image we project on the net? Do we want to expose any aspect of our life or a specific aspect? Do we consider to have respect and a good attitude with other users in our digital communications?

Pretending to control 100% the model of our digital identity is practically impossible, but we can follow some indications to project in the network a digital identity closest to that one that we would like.

Digital attitude: five key elements for the participation in the digital society

The second publication of the Smartpapers collection written by the researchers of the Edul@b group Teresa Romeu, Montse Guitert, Marc Romero and Carles Bruguera, details the key elements for the participation in the digital society.

Among other issues you can find out which aspects we have to take into account to become good digital citizens; the importance of attitude and digital reputation; and the rights and the basic rules of coexistence on digital environments.

You can consult the Smartpaper “Digital Attitude: five key elements for the participation in the digital society”, in catalan, in this link.

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