Edul@b participates in the European project DECODE to develop teaching competences in the digital era


It has begun the European project DEvelop COmpetences in Digital Era. Expertise, best practices and teaching in the XXI century (DECODE), coordinated by the Italian organization Fondazione Link Campus University and in which the Edul@b group participates.

DECODE aims at highlighting experiences, practices and teachers competences activated in schools in digital fields, with the intent to favour the diffusion of best practises and the improvement of media and digital literacy and intend to experiment a new training model for teachers, which aims at contributing to the creation of digital competences to respond the new demands of knowledge and information society to education system.

DEvelop COmpetences in Digital Era

DECODE has identified a strong demand in education system: the need to supplement instructors training with digital skills, media literacy and digital literacy but also the need to support them with a strategic competence that will enable them to better manage social education relationship with, and through, ICT.

Under this respect, DECODE will contribute to the improvement of the school digitization processes by the understanding of the real organisational and educational processes, useful in providing important sources of information to policy and decision makers and the improvement of teachers’ strategic skills in the use of ICT in education and didactical activities.

To reach these goals DECODE, involving different actors and system (Public and local institution, Digital publishers, Teachers’ association, universities, digital developers, Headmasters etc.), will elaborate guidelines to address managers and teachers to facilitate the integration of learning technologies in teaching practices, especially with regard to the educational dimension and educational methodology.

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