Using Social Media effectively in your MOOC


We are delighted to invite you to take part in the webinar series organised by EMMA. This series features talks with experts in the MOOC world about various topics including trends in Europe, good practice in MOOC design, the use of social media and videos, creating multilingual MOOCs, learning analytics and much more. The webinar series also gives you a chance to learn how the EMMA platform works and how you can design your own MOOC on EMMA. Join us for the webinar:

Using Social Media effectively in your MOOC

On Tuesday 24 May 2016
from 14:00 – 15:00 CET (Check your time zone)

The webinar

Social media can be really useful for MOOC providers for two different but related reasons. The first is that social media channels provide vitally important ways to attract participants to the MOOC, highlighting the content and purpose of the MOOC to a wide variety of potentially interested participants. The second is that during the MOOC they can provide familiar channels for interaction and can be used as a way to really engage with large numbers of users.

Join this webinar to hear more about how you can use social media successfully in your MOOC!

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