Welcome to the new Edul@b blog!

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In the Edul@b research group we are pleased to announce that we have released a new blog, with new design and contents!

From now on, you can find us here, where, among other issues, you can consult practical information about the group (research areas, researchers, projects, thesis), the group’s activities, articles and own contents, and more.

We have the will to create and active network among those interested in our main research objective: the uses and applications of ICT in order to change and improve educational practices. In this sense, the new blog aims to be an active communication space and a fluid exchange area of digital knowledge.

Also, the new digital space of Edul@b will be linked to the Twitter account of the group and the accounts of its researchers, so we encourage you to follow us, to subscribe you to the new blog using the subscription form and get in contact with us for any questions or suggestions you have.

See you in the blog!

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