Article: Matriz Conceptual Sobre Usos y Propósitos de los Eportfolios

Lourdes Guàrdia, Marcelo Maina, Elena Barberà and Ivan Alsina, members of the EUROPORTFOLIO Spanish Chapter, recently published the article entitled “Matriz Conceptual Sobre Usos y Propósitos de los Eportfolios” on the Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences journal. This article was selected as one of the best-rated communications of the International Conference on University Teaching and Innovation (CIDUI) celebrated in Tarragona (2-4 july, 2014)

The article introduces an initial framework for analyzing ePortfolios, both in terms of design and educational purposes. This framework can be used for those interested in starting to implement an ePortfolio for the first time or who are interested in enhancing their current practices.

The article is fully available at:

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