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The CRISS Digital Competence Framework has been published on the European Commission’s Innovation Radar platform

The ‘CRISS Digital Competence Framework: concept and model for development, assessment and certification’ designed by UOC under the CRISS project has been selected for publication on the EU’s Innovation Radar platform, an initiative launched to inform citizens on the most outstanding EU-funded innovations. The framework has been tested through a large-scale pilot in 535 primary…

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CRISS project explained in one minute

Can we assess digital Competence in primary and secondary education? The CRISS project is dealing with this challenge. After two years devoted to the creation of a Digital Competence framework and the development of an adaptive learning environment, the CRISS ecosystem is currently piloted by around 2000 teachers and 13000 students in 400 centers across…

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Participation of Edul@b at the EDEN Research Workshop 2018

The EduL@b research group will be with several papers and activities at the EDEN Research Workshop 2018 (Barcelona, 24-26 October) which this year is hosted by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). In this case, we’d like to introduce the Round Table “From data use for guidance to guidance for data use. Developing data literacy to empower…

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A new MOOC course as a result of the participation of the Edul@b group in the European project EMMA

The MOOC courses (Massive Online Open Courses) have become a leading educational practice in today’s society: in addition to the contents of a traditional course, these courses provide an enriched environment through audiovisual and interactive resources and enable a stimulating online digital community for teachers, students and consultants. That is why Edul@b has participated in…

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