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The CRISS Digital Competence Framework has been published on the European Commission’s Innovation Radar platform

The ‘CRISS Digital Competence Framework: concept and model for development, assessment and certification’ designed by UOC under the CRISS project has been selected for publication on the EU’s Innovation Radar platform, an initiative launched to inform citizens on the most outstanding EU-funded innovations. The framework has been tested through a large-scale pilot in 535 primary…

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Edul@b travelled to Villa Montesca for the CRISS summer school

The summer school held from July 2 to 5 for the CRISS project was an important event to share the current state of the project with the teachers and facilitators of the educational centres of several european countries and to present the functionalities of the CRISS platform before the start of the pilots in September….

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The Edul@b team flew to Sevilla to participate in the seminar “Certification of the digital competence of teachers and students” and in the CRISS H2020 project meeting

Lourdes Guàrdia and Marcelo Maina participated in the informative seminar “Certification of the digital competence of teachers and students” organised by the Consejería de Educación of the Andalusian Government. The seminar, held the 2nd of May at the Seville headquarters of Sandetel, brought together 150 teachers and schools directors with the aim to: outline the…

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