The Edul@b team flew to Sevilla to participate in the seminar “Certification of the digital competence of teachers and students” and in the CRISS H2020 project meeting

Photo of the group of researchers and participants in the CRISS project in front of the headquarters of SANDETEL

Lourdes Guàrdia and Marcelo Maina participated in the informative seminar “Certification of the digital competence of teachers and students” organised by the Consejería de Educación of the Andalusian Government.

The seminar, held the 2nd of May at the Seville headquarters of Sandetel, brought together 150 teachers and schools directors with the aim to:

  • outline the digital competence framework of the European Commission, focusing especially on the digital competence targeted at teachers and students,
  • address the practical implementation of the theoretical framework of the CRISSH2020 project on evaluation and certification of digital competence in secondary students by demonstrating tools and real real-time examples of its functionalities, features and practical application in the classroom.

The presentation by Lourdes Guàrdia and Marcelo Maina focused on the research work behind CRISS and the methodological implementation of the CRISS Digital Competence Assessment Framework.

The audience expressed its interest through many questions and some of the attendants are surely potential candidates to participate in the pilots organized by the project for the next school year.

A range of insightful comments on the morning’s presentations can be found checking the #SevilleCRISS hashtag on Twitter.

Photos of the attendees, speakers and authorities (Domingo Dominguez, General Director of Innovation and Teacher Training at the Andalusian Government and Angel Ortiz, CEO at SANDETEL) in the Agora auditorium of the SANDETEL headquarter

In addition, the members of Edul@b involved in the CRISS project (Lourdes Guàrdia, Marcelo Maina, Federica Mancini, Pablo Baztán, María Moreno) participated in the project meeting held the 3 and 4 of May at Sandetel.

The event, addressed to present the progresses of the CRISSH2020 project on evaluation and certification of digital competence in Secondary students, was a good opportunity for the Edul@b members to present a set of competence assessment scenarios (CAS) for the certification of digital competence in Secondary students developed by the CRISS user-partners in different European countries.

A work session with the teachers involved in the creation process of such scenarios was also carried out to gather opinions and proposals for the improvement of the methodology proposed by the Edul@b researchers and the materials elaborated to support the design.

The same session was an opportunity to present the possible adaptation of the set of scenarios for certification to each local context.

The meeting included also a dedicated session on the certification of Digital Competence addressed to the members of the Certification Committee of each partner institution. Montse Guitert attended the session through videoconference representing UOC in the Committee.

In parallel, Lourdes Guàrdia and Marcelo Maina together with other partners of the CRISS project had a meeting with Yves Punie, Head of Research Activities on ICT for Learning and Inclusion at Joint Research Centre (JRC) – European Commission’s Science & Knowledge Service, to present the progress of the project and explore possible collaborations with other European projects  such as SELFIE.

More information on the CRISS project is available here:,

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