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What do we mean by Digital Identity ?

In the words of Francesc Llorens Cerdà , when we talk about digital identity in the network we mean a cluster target of three elements: the presence (being in the network is not sure “how” we are) , the reputation or goodwill (the subjective value which have reference to other network nodes ) and the position (objective location or subjective criteria based on the measurement, which is concerned about other identities alike) .

Thus, the construction of the digital identity, ensures the presence, but not the reputation or position, which it relies, instead, in a successful management and development and maintenance of a robust diffusion and integration activities to and from other on-line services .

Some of these concepts reflect the meeting of the group Edul@b on May 4th , in which, in addition to the members of the group, we had the enriching presence of Jordi Graells, social media expert and who we performed work with, about reflection and deepening on effective and valid strategies in order to leave a quality fingerprint.


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