Participation of Edul@b in the Gender and Education Association Conference (GEA) in London

On June 21-23, Edul@b PhD student, Nicole Johnson, participated in the Gender and Education Association (GEA) conference at the University of Middlesex in London. She gave a presentation titled, “Capacity development though informal learning online: Opportunities for addressing the motherhood wage gap” which relates to her PhD research project on the exploration of the digital learning ecologies of Canadian entrepreneurs who are pursuing entrepreneurship within the motherhood conference.

Central to Nicole’s research is a poststructural feminist approach, which seeks to gain an awareness of and deconstruct measures, instruments, and methodologies that are based on masculine norms. Through this awareness, Nicole strives to gain a better understanding of the diversity that exists within female learning experiences without holding them in comparison to male experiences within the existing body of research.

The GEA conference proved to be a highly valuable opportunity for gaining a deeper understanding of gender issues and inequities that exist in the field of education, particularly with regard to lifelong learning.

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