Professor Pauline Ernest recalls her experience and research activity with the Edul@b research group

On December 16, the professor of the Center for Modern Languages, and member of Edul@b in its stage of emerging research group, Pauline Ernest, was honored by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya for her outstanding trajectory in the entity.

Pauline Ernest has been responsible for the courses in English Language and Introduction to English Literature at the UOC and for more than 30 years she has been teaching languages and literature. He has also been a member of Edul@b.

His main interests have been the training of teachers of foreign languages, the learning of languages in network, the literary translation and the development of strategies for the incorporation of literary texts in the learning of languages.

Experience at Edul@b

In order to remember her stage as a member of Edul@b, Pauline wanted to share the following writing on Edul@b’s blog:

As a recent retired and former Edul@b researcher, I would like to thank the entire team for your friendship, support, and wonderful company during the years we worked together.

I started at the UOC in 1998, an era, I think, in which there were no recognised research groups at our university yet. A few years later, together with Montse Guitert, we began to fight for the recognition as official ‘Programs’ of our areas: mine for teaching foreign languages. It took many meetings and many efforts to convince the UOC management team of the importance of our work and its transversality within the university. Finally, in 2006 we were appointed directors of the corresponding Programs. How exciting!

The period in which I was part of the Edul@b researchers’ team (2008-2011) was very stimulating and motivating for me. Joseph Hopkins (current director of the Center for Modern Languages at the UOC and researcher at Edul@b) and I have always shared many concerns, and above all the need for initial and progressive training in the use of ICTs for both students and teachers; as well as the difficulties and challenges of collaborative networking. We carried out an investigation on collaboration of teachers in the network, the results of which we presented at various congresses, and we made a publication with teachers from the UK entitled Online teacher development: collaborating in a virtual learning environament (2012).

Over the years at the UOC I have experienced many changes, and I have worked with a wide variety of colleagues and fantastic students. I have always enjoyed the work, and I have learned a lot from people, like my Edul@b colleagues. Now, I look forward to continuing to work with the UOC on specific charges. As they say, retirement is not the end, but the beginning of a new stage. Let’s see…

Good luck to Edul@b and to all of you!”.

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