Know how EMMA works! A platform for your MOOCs

E-learning, Online Courses And Graduation CapWe are delighted to invite you to take part in the webinar series organised by EMMA. This series features talks with experts in the MOOC world about various topics including trends in Europe, good practice in MOOC design, the use of social media and videos, creating multilingual MOOCs, learning analytics and much more. The webinar series also gives you a chance to learn how the EMMA platform works and how you can design your own MOOC on EMMA. Join us for the second webinar:

Delivering a MOOC on EMMA: structure, tools and features
on Thursday 4 February 2016
from 14:0015:00 CET (Check your time zone)

In this second webinar Ruth Kerr and Marco Cerrone from University of Naples Federico II (Italy) will provide an introductory session to help MOOC providers understand the potential of the EMMA platform and the mechanics of its CMS.

This webinar is freely accessible, learn more or register directly!

This is an initiative of the EMMA project, where some Edul@b members participate as a partner.

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