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Upcoming event “Strategies and actions for discontinuous educational contexts”

In the wake of the exceptional situation that the COVID-19 health crisis has brought, and due to the current circumstances, from Edul@b we have considered it necessary to offer all teachers an event to learn about strategies and actions to develop the teaching task in these discontinuous educational contexts, from the perspective of what online…

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Decalogue for the improvement of online teaching: Proposal to educate in discontinuous face-to-face contexts

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the foundations of our education. We have found ourselves faced with the impossibility of our students being able to travel to educational centers, which have been closed due to the confinement decreed in most countries. Unexpectedly, educational institutions have been forced to adopt emergency solutions, migrating to remote non-face-to-face teaching…

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Confined families and emergency reconciliation

Source of the image: By Azu Vazquez, PhD of the research group Edul@b The education system has long advocated that one of its biggest challenges is preparing students so they can find situations in unexpected problems. In an unpredictable pandemic situation, we have all had to do this learning quickly. Teachers have been subjected to…

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