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The first workshops of the SELFEE project begin

On 12, 13 and 14 of November, the partners participating in the SELFEE project, including the UOC, met in Paris. The meeting was also attended by professors Teresa Romeu and Gemma Abellán, from the studies of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the UOC. In different work sessions, the first workshops that have been implemented in the framework of the project have been put in common and analyzed. At the moment, about 40 people have participated in the search for employment, and they are functioning as pilot workshops.

From the feedback gathered, one of the first conclusions of these early experiences is that digital tools are emerging as a key element to work and develop SEL competences aimed at job search, especially in relation to self-knowledge and self-efficacy working strategies such as elevator pitch or storytelling, using video, text or images. At the same time, it allows participants to work on digital competences in a contextualised and employment-oriented manner such as digital identity or the search and selection of information through exploration, collaborative work and adaptability based on their levels and profiles.

The main difficulties encountered in these early experiences have also been shared, such as the insecurity and distrust of the newest participants with the use of technology, and other issues arising from deficiencies in functional literacy, such as the difficulties to express themselves in writing or reading comprehension. The remaining workshops that are still to be implemented will continue to be developed during these first months.

The SELFEE project

SELFEE (Digital Literacy & Social Emotional Learning for Engagement and Employment) is a European Erasmus + project that aims to provide new tools to professionals working in the field of employment so that unemployed people who are at risk of social exclusion, such as unemployed people from the long term and unemployed people from disadvantaged backgrounds can develop the transversal digital skills through Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) applied to job search.

The project has the participation of Teresa Romeu, Montse Guitert and Gemma Abellán, professors in the field of digital competences of the UOC and researchers of the Edul@b research group.


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