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Carry out your doctoral thesis on education and ICT in the Edul@b research group!

The Edul@b group, research group consolidated by the Generalitat de Catalunya (SGR1471) specialised in education and digital technologies, offers places to those interested in carrying out a doctoral thesis within the research group. We are looking for doctoral thesis proposals with a focus on analyzing the effects of the pandemic in online educational environments, with…

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Research stay summary of the Edul@b doctoral student Mitchell Peters in Edinburgh

Research Stay Purpose After completing a 3 month research stay at the Centre for Research in Digital Education, I feel it is an important moment to reflect on how the stay has informed my work, including key research findings, implications and emerging questions.  My intention in working in Edinburgh as a visiting researcher was to…

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Stay of the PhD student Ketia Kellen of the UFRGS University of Brazil with the Edul@b research group

During four months from September to December 2017, PhD student Ketia Kellen Araújo da Silva from the Postgraduate Program in Information Technology in Education (PGIE) of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) of Brazil completed a PhD stage together with the EduL@b research group with the aim of deepening the studies in…

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The doctoral student of Edul@b Juvvy Lizette presents her thesis proposal “Capacity Development for Public Servants through Open and Distance e-Learning (ODeL)”

On September 13th, the research group Edul@b have organised a meeting with the doctoral student of the group Juvy Lizette M. Gervacio on the occasion of her visit to Barcelona. In this meeting, in which other Edul@b doctoral students have participated, Lizzete presented her thesis proposal, co-directed by Dr. Albert Sangrà and Dr. Teresa Romeu,…

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The EDEN Research Workshop from an Edul@b PhD Student Perspective

Guest post from Nicole Christen (Edul@b PhD student) From a student perspective, one of the challenges with online learning at the PhD level is networking and building relationships with other scholars in the field. The EDEN Research Workshop proved to be a valuable experience, not only in terms of the content delivered, but also in…

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