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The group

Edul@B Research Group in Education and ICT has been recognized in 2014 as a consolidated research group by the Generalitat of Catalonia (SGR 1174). Its research aims to investigate the uses and applications of ICT in order to change and improve educational practices. The group is linked to the eLearn Center (center for research, innovation and training of the Open University of Catalonia).

Edul@b’s research area is framed within teaching and educational organization fields, especially in the areas of educational technology and e-learning.

General aim of the group:

From a critical point of view, analyze and evaluate the uses and applications of the ICT in different educational contexts; concretely, the educational and organizational mechanisms that can help to introduce new teaching and learning methods in order to transform and improve educational practices.

Specific objectives:

Arising from the general research aim, our specific objectives are:

  • Investigate techno-pedagogical design as well as implementation and evaluation processes in e-learning [1] programs taking into account different disciplines (such as foreign languages, and digital training).
  • Study online collaborative processes in order to present pedagogical proposals which facilitate team work and online learning.
  • Analyze training practices in the use of ICT for both teachers and students to propose alternative and more effectively approaches to respond the teachers and students real needs within the modern society.
  • Study the dimensions of the ICT integration in education processes as well as the difficulties, challenges encountered and expected solutions, with special attention to leadership from educational institutions.

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[1] We understand e-learning as “A form of teaching and learning – which may represent a part or the whole of the education model in which it is used – that makes use of electronic media and devices to facilitate access, promote evolution and improve the quality of education and training” (Sangrà, Vlachopoulos, Cabrera & Bravo, 2011:5). It covers from the use of ICT as a complement in face-to-face educational practices to 100% online learning.

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