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Summer course: How to be a good digital citizen?

Summer Course

Nowadays, our digital identity is so important that we can be dismissed from a job based on how we show ourselves. In fact, 30% of the companies rule out candidates because of their image on the Internet. From the moment in which we live permanently with the new digital technologies and social media we become digital citizens.

But, do we know about how to behave properly in this digital society? Are we a good digital citizens?

Tips for being a good digital citizen

According to Teresa Romeu, member of the the Edul@b group and expert in digital training, when you are using digital technologies and social networks there are a number of key elements to take into account in order to control and enhance our digital identity:

  • Take care of our image, especially if we are looking for a job.
  • Know the tools that the network provides and how to use them.
  • ­Be familiar with the new digital channels.
  • Not look only for likes.
  • Be aware of possible disputes.
  • Enable privacy measures.

Summer course in Digital Attitude

All these issues will be more broadly discussed in the summer course Digital Attitude, that will be held from June 29 to July 30, along with 96 other courses offered by the Universitat Oberta d’Estiu.

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