An educational experience of the Edul@b research group selected by the ACUP for the compilation of good teaching innovation practices


The researchers from the research Edul@b group Montse Guitert and Teresa Romeu, together with the PhD student of the group Juan Pedro Cerro, have been selected by the ACUP and the Generalitat de Catalunya for the compilation of good teaching practices from Catalan public universities.

The twenty-one selected experiences have been classified within the following four domains:

1) Innovative methodologies, including learning programs, mass and open online courses (MOOCs), student-centered methodologies, and teaching ludification experiences; 2) Evaluation, including innovation in processes of evaluation of learning and experience of evaluation of transversal competences; 3) ICT, which includes the use of smartphones, tablets and Social Media as learning tools in higher education and experience of e-learning and Social Media as learning tools in higher education and e-learning and semi- Presence in university teaching; and 4) External practices, which encompasses improvements in external practices in university education and university-society collaboration programs.

Use of Learning Analytics in Online Collaborative Environments

The experience carried out by Edul@b is framed in point 3 (ICT tools for teaching) with the name of “Use of analytics of learning in online collaborative environments: monitoring and evaluation of communicative interactions in the subject of competences ICT of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya“.

This experience is the result of a pilot test in the academic environment of higher education at the UOC, which assesses the impact of a tool that offers teachers criteria to facilitate the evaluation and monitoring of online collaborative activities, and more specifically in online communicative interactions, as is the case of virtual debates.

A document and an explanatory video have been produced from each good practice; this is the one from Edul@b:

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