New article: E-assessment process: giving a voice to online learners - Edulab

New article: E-assessment process: giving a voice to online learners


The International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education (ETHE journal) of SpringerOpen has recently published the article “E-assessment process: giving a voice to online learners” by the Edul@b researchers Teresa Romeu, Marc Romero and Montse Guitert.

In the article, active pedagogies are remarked considering the student as the centre of the teaching and learning process, because their role during the assessment process cannot be overlooked.

That implies a change in the teacher’s role from communicating student’s mark to the promotion of an active participation of the students in their own e-assessment process.

E-assessment process: giving a voice to online learners

From a description of a concrete experience of continuous e-assessment in a subject at the UOC, this paper explores the advantages of the active role of students in the e-assessment of competency acquisition.

In this subject, the student is assessed, using a project based learning methodology, from two dimensions provided by continuous assessment. The evaluation of the results focuses on an interactive assessment based on the analysis of the projects developed by other groups at the final stage of the subject.

In order to analyse the students’s perception about the e-assessment methodology and their role during this process, an online questionnaire was designed and administered at the final stage of the course. The results revealed a high level of satisfaction with the e-assessment activities of the course and an improvement of the learning process.

The article can be consulted on this link.


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